Took a Hiatus but we're back!

It's been awhile since our last update, but after the successful lunch of Fizzy Pop on Mobile (available now!).   We've taken a bit of a break, however a lot has happened since then.  Skull Fire Games has grown a bit in the last year or so and we have a lot of new projects in the works.  This year we are celebrating our 6th Anniversary as a company and because it's our birthday we've decide to to announce a few projects, but before we do that, a few announcements! First, please welcome our new team, Team Muffin!  Team Muffin is our 2nd develop team and they'll be taking over for updates and smaller projects like mobile games and what not.  2nd our main team will be moving on to larger projects (Think console gaming or pc gaming, maybe mobile sometimes) and so forth.  These project are mainly gaming related but sometimes can be non gaming related as well.  Now that we've gotten that out of the way on to our Gaming related announcement.  We have TWO games in the works currently one is a visual novel and the other one... well we can't say too much about it yet but it's not a visual novel (that'd be silly to work on two of the same type of game at one!).  We've also decided to create a youtube Channel called the Stuffin Muffin Network (more on that in a later date).  Anyway that is all we have to say for in the mean time, more in the future on what we plan to do!  See you next time!  

P.S. We are over hauling everything site, twitter everything!  Please look forward to these changes thanks! 

The Calm before the storm

SFG has been a bit quiet lately, mainly since we are wrapping up our first game and getting ready to go gold.   More news starting next week about our up coming release!  This is a very exciting time for us here at Skull Fire Games.  Since a lot of game companies that form typically never finish their first game, get past the concept phase and then fall apart.  We're very happy to get out of our growing pains so to speak. In the Upcoming month we'll start bombarding everyone with our game announcements.   Makes sure to follow us on twitter for more news for release dates and up coming events we are attending.