The Stuffin Muffin Sticker Pack!

Check out The Stuffin Muffin's sticker pack!  If you have an iOS device and like creative things and video games, then this is the Sticker pack for you! Most of all if you like Muffy Maker of Team Muffin then this most definitely the sticker pack for you! Available now!




Welcome to the wonderful world of the Stuffin muffin!

Meet Muffin "Muffy" Maker, the mascot of The Stuffin Muffin, she's like her name indicate is a creative individual who builds, games and creates!  If you too are the creative type than download a piece of the Muffin to send to you friends, only on iOS! (Sorry Android doesn't have sticker support in the same way iOS does, when they do incorporate this function then we will port it over as well to Android, stay tuned!)  

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 10.20.21 PM.png

OVER 50 stickers!

57 stickers to be exact!  And more to come in future updates!  In the current bundle you get 55 static stickers and two animated ones! All for the low, low price of 99 cents!

MuffyNew copy.png

Muffy Maker

Muffy Maker is the creative mascot of  The Stuffin Muffin, If you like creative things she is the maker for you.  Follow us on our youtube channel for more Muffy action!